2019 Officers, Trustees and Advisors

  • Officers
  • Jim Fitterer, President
  • Kim Ball Kaiser, Vice President
  • John R. Holt, Secretary
  • Dick Kellner, Treasurer
  • Trustees
  • Nancy Gable
  • Barbara Kellner
  • Joe Koller
  • Dan Ross
  • Lisa Voyce
  • Advisors
  • Caryl Brackenridge
  • Paul Krylowski
  • Tim Morris
  • Karen Richards
  • Chris Steffan
  • Tim Warrener

About the Land Trust

Welcome to the Washington Township Land Trust of Morris County, NJ. The Land Trust was organized in 1990 and incorporated in 1991 as a 501(c)(3), non-profit corporation. It is exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes—to protect and preserve the lands, watercourses, ponds, streams, and structures which contribute to the natural beauty and rural character of Washington Township. To achieve this the Land Trust acquires interests in land through purchase or donation, manages land uses for the benefit of the public, and makes itself available to the Township of Washington to assist in the stewardship of public lands and easements. In 1991 the Land Trust acquired the Obadiah LaTourette Mill and the surrounding 10 acres of land. The 10 acres has been preserved as a wetlands park. A portion of the park has been set aside as a memorial garden for Helen Andrews, a long time resident of Long Valley and wife of Stan Andrews. The Land Trust also administers the issuance of easement markers for Washington Township and may in the future expand its operation to the monitoring of easements. The Land Trust provides education to the public on various preservation issues such as conservation easements and other topics of value. Lastly, the Land Trust works with other land trusts, open space groups, and conservation organizations to provide an organized approach to meet our common goals. 

To contact us:

Washington Township Land Trust 
of Morris County, Inc. 
PO Box 4
Long Valley, NJ 07853-0004
Phone: (908) 876-5986


The Washington Township Land Trust is a 501(c)(3), tax exempt, organization dedicated to the preservation of open space within Washington Township, Morris County, NJ. Preservation of existing lands serves many purposes. The most obvious is the rural character and beauty. Just as important, however, are other issues such as maintaining water quality along the South Branch of the Raritan and the Musconetcong Rivers. The South Branch of the Raritan River supplies 10% of the water for New Jersey residents. The Land Trust works with other organizations such as the South Branch Watershed Association and the Musconetcong Watershed Association to ensure that Washington Township is doing its part in keeping these rivers clean.

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